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Effective Use of Color

Published on June 7, 2013 by in Colors

As many of you know, I love summer. Gathering with friends and watching the blue skies melt into a spectacular golden sunset is a great joy of the summer. The color blue, reflecting the light of the sea, creates a tranquil, relaxing environment for any room in your home, especially those of you who own vacation homes such as the master bedroom featured within. The key to using color effectively is to keep in mind the following: Palette Priority: Do you want a warm or cool palette? The difference is that the warm colors have yellow tones and cool colors

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Outdoor Living

It’s that time of year when life moves outside. And, over the past few decades, alfresco living has spread beyond the perpetual sunshine states of Florida and California. Everyone, it seems, wants an indoor-outdoor patch of green, deck or poolside terrace to call their own. Quick to respond, the home furnishings industry has provided a broad range of new technologies and materials, from injection-molded plastic and synthetic wicker to cast concrete and recycled teak. The result: a generation of outdoor furniture that is shapely, comfortable and durable. Nowhere is the explosion more evident than with outdoor chairs. Once simply carried

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Love that RED!

With Valentine’s Day approaching I thought it would be fun to consider the color red. No other color stimulates like red. It triggers extreme emotions from rage to love. It demands attention (stop signs) and epitomizes glamour (let the red carpet roll). The fiery color also envelops with warmth. Whether all out drama or for intense accents, interior designers like using crimson, cardinal, scarlet, ruby and brick to add pizzazz and passion to a room. What other color wakes up a room so brilliantly? But choosing just the right red can be tricky. Do you want the red to be

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